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Rays Blog.. Let’s play catch up
Rays Blog.. Let’s play catch up

rayblogI thought I would take some time to play catch up from the past month of stories you haven’t heard much about.

Congrats goes out to New York Representative Louise Slaughter. The Democratic member of the house rules committee introduced a bill that is being called “the no budget, no vacation” bill. It essentially says if congress doesn’t come together and agree to pass a budget by its December 13th deadline that vacations would be cancelled and they would continue working through the holidays. It’s a bold move that almost every american can agree with … except of course the ones in congress who would be affected. Its pretty easy for them though if you think about it. All they have to do is pull their heads out of their partisan rear ends and actually act like statesmen and finally do whats best for the country instead of whats best for their party. In other words it probably wont happen. But I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Major league baseball and Bud Selig have decided to join  the rest of the world in realizing that is the 21st century by instituting an instant replay system that will hopefully move baseball towards getting calls right.  It was ridiculous for Bud Selig to say that baseballs tradition is what kept him from allowing instant replay a dozen years ago. The sacred tradition he was talking about were actually some of the things that made baseball horrible. Think about it. What kind of person looks at the 1985 world series and the Dinkinger call in the Cards Royals Game and sees it as a sacred tradition instead of a black mark on all of the sport? Think of how different the story of the 2003 mlb playoffs would have been had Cubs Manager Dusty Baker gotten to use a challenge to see if Steve Bartman had committed fan interference. What about the perfect game that upire Jim joyce cost young armando Gallarago just three years ago in detroit. Yep nothing says sacred tradition like Blown calls that make people question the integrity of the sport. But then again Bud Selig is the guy who didnt even put testing for steroids into play for major league baseball until 5 years after reporters brought it up in the McGwire Sosa home run battle. Thats Bud Selig for you, The guy who now that he is announced he is retiring has finally decided baseball should use the technology that was developed thirty years ago. Good job Bud. Dont let the door hit you on the rear but if it does Im gonna ask for instant replay so I can watch it over and over again

And last but not least

Talk about a gigantic gamble! Evan Spiegel the 23 year old founder of the smartphone app Snapchat reportedly turned down a 3 billion dollar offer to sell his company to Facebook. Snapchat which is a social media app mostly used by young adults, teens and preteens is a combination photo and text app. Its big selling point is that the pictures are destroyed in ten seconds or less is very popular among college aged kids who dont want suggestive images showing up years later when they become full fledged responsible adults. there is however a way to save photos by simply capturing the image on the screen but thats not why this is such a big story.

The reason I talk about this is because 3 billion dollars is a lot of money for a 23 year old to turn down. Its a lot of money for anyone to turn down. I personally second guess not selling some domain names for a thousand bucks not that long ago, I could not imagine the remorse that young Evan Spiegel will feel when snapchat goes the way of myspace or any of the hundreds of social media sites and apps that have disappeared. My guess is he has valued his company a little higher and thinks that the facebook folks will up their offer. I also want to point out one more thing. Snapchat currently has NO REVENUE MODEL. Thats right it currently makes NO MONEY. I wish good luck to the young Mr Spiegel and hope he doesnt end up with a cool app and large regret on his resume a year from now

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