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“If you like your plan you can keep it” … ahem, not so fast Mr President
“If you like your plan you can keep it” … ahem, not so fast Mr President

Remember when the President said The Affordable Care Act would not cause you to lose your private insurance. He assured us that you could keep your existing insurance several times in the pushing for and subsequent defense of “Obamacare”. Well I’ll be damned if that’s actually not the case.

Unlike the right wing blogsofhate that fill the internet however I am not going to speculate on how it was an evil plot all along by our socialist muslim President. I am instead going to tell you why our President and his administration had great intentions but were still wrong.

It was for the most  noble of reasons that the minimum guidelines for Insurance policies were put into place under Obamacare. They put these into place thinking this would be a good way to make sure people stop getting screwed from insurance companies. They put these plans in to stop the scams and the plans that keep 90 % of the premiums instead of putting the majority of the premium into a pool to pay claims or as investments like most really good insurance companies do. For example, most insurance companies will invest  into things like Government bonds. Most insurance companies are very safe and secure in their investing. The amount they put into anything risky is usually very small.

The problem that has crept up over the last ten years is the insurance companies that are more fly by night in the way they do business. They do things like keep 90% of the money for themselves then buy insurance to cover themselves in case of a big rush of claims from their customers. They don’t pool or invest anywhere near enough and find loopholes to stick it to their customers. They eventually leverage themselves out, take the money and run, and close up shop, leaving their customers holding the bag. The parts of Obamacare that put the mandatory minimums in the coverage that had to be offered to people was supposed to take care of that. AND IT IS… However, when you force these cheaper policies to become honest ones they still have the right to profit so guess what? The premium for the customer skyrockets. That’s what’s happening for some people in this country. They are being told their Crappy insurance policy is no longer going to be as crappy but its going to cost in some cases a couple hundred percent more.

That in a nutshell is why people feel lied to. We were told we could keep our coverage which many thought meant they could keep their rate. That’s not whats happening. This is mostly in individual plans and not group plans but still there is worry. There is also a grandfather clause for plans that have been around prior to 2010 not needing to change at all. These are all things we can talk about at a later date.

But as for now it looks like the decency in decision making is kicking this administration in the rear end.

The assumption that everyone wants a good health care plan just simply isn’t true. Some people are happy with the bare minimum and are willing to risk it no matter how crappy the health care plan is and you know what… they have the right to do so. I know the good intentions of the Administration was to watch peoples back and to keep them from getting screwed over by these horrible plans BUT that’s what freedom is all about. People live and learn on a daily basis and getting screwed over by big business is a lesson that all of us go through. A President that has taken a considerable amount of campaign money from Big Business should know that.

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