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A what if… theory to blow the minds of the right
A what if… theory to blow the minds of the right

Now let me start by saying that this theory is not branded in any facts whatsoever. It is simply a thought that came across my mind that I knew would drive the confused super right wing  extreme types crazy. This as you know is something I rather enjoy doing
Obama speaks about the sequester in WashingtonSo here goes. We all know that President Obama in the past has been very consistent in his anti Military interventionist stances. We know he is also acutely aware that no mater what he says there is a very loud percentage of people who will bend over backwards to do the opposite even if it means sacrificing their own beliefs and principles to do so.

The news in Syria has continued to grow more troubling on an almost daily basis over the last few months. We have been busy discussing everything but Syria though. We have talked about Affleck as Batman, The Obamas new dog and vacations, Zimmerman, Paula Dean and even Miley Cyrus and her twerking antics but we have done very little discussion on Syria. Even when Senators John McCain(R) and Lindsay Graham(R) took a trip to Syria to see conditions and meet with rebels on a state sponsored trip. We saw the transition of Clinton to Kerry as Secretary of State and both have warned of goings on in Syria but we haven’t paid attention.

Finally Eric Snowden goes to Russia and our sore relations with Putin and his exposed man boobs and A hole attitude makes that an uncomfortable situation. Putin of course starts talking about Syria but we still only kind of listen. If you think about it though all the signs were pointing to Syria getting ready to just Blow up as something that will be at the forefront of the American media roundtables. But right before it goes mainstream media top story, the President makes his statement that Syria has used weapons of Mass destruction in the form of poison gas on their own people. President Obama breaks the story with a statement that threatens the Assad Regime in Syria. He calls it outrage and a violation of international law and hints that a military option is something he is considering.

The usual lexicon of Hardcore hawks who think we should bomb everyone at every opportunity are quiet or just flat out hypocritical. Pro war types like Ted Cruz who gave a speech on July 24th in which he bashed President Obama for not doing anything in regards to Syria  suddenly disagrees with the President and says we need to worry about home and not the middle east. But most of the right immediately react by screaming how dare this President consider going alone without asking for permission from congress.

So on Saturday what did the President do? He gave them what they wanted and said that he will ask congress for permission. This automatically sets up an Obama vs The Right scenario that will undoubtedly end with whatever the President says being denied by the Right. In fact not only are they saying no, there are some of the Hawks that are angry he didn’t go ahead and bomb without congressional approval. Many of whom are the same people who were complaining about the exact opposite thing days earlier.

It is beginning to look like the GOP will automatically vote NO and not give the President his Military intervention that he wants… OR DOES HE?

Here is where the non fact based and probably plain old crazy theory comes in. What is President Obama actually didn’t want to bomb Syria? What if it has been his plan all along to continue his non interventionist pattern? What if he figured the only way to get what he wanted was to act like he wanted the exact opposite? If you’re playing poker with mental light weights like Ted Cruz it isn’t so hard to consider. The McCains of this world don’t give a damn about the games and will stick with their convictions. Unfortunately many others on the right simply vote by picking the opposite of whatever the President wants.

So either he wants the intervention and the right will shame eachother into giving it to him or he never wanted it and he successfully played the right into another Obama Victory. Either Way congrats to President Obama.

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