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Opening night of Broadway's 700 Sundays at the Imperial Theatre-arrivals.Featuring: Jimmy FallonWhere: New York, New York, United StatesWhen: 14 Nov 2013Credit: Joseph Marzullo/WENN.comThree days into the New Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon is on fire! The show is hitting on all cylinders and definitely not acting like it is in it’s first week. The Ratings success has been remarkable in the demo as well. The 18-49 numbers are out of the stratosphere beating Letterman and Kimmel combined. Here’s why…



  1. JIMMY FALLON IS AWARE OF THE INTERNET AND HOW IT WORKS –  His comedy segments are timed at the perfect length for a second and viral life on youtube. The first night he had the history of Hip Hop dance with Will Smith. It immediately went viral and made anyone who missed his first show wish they would’ve tuned in. The barbershop Quartet the second night and the hashtags 2 with Jonah Hill also are viral hits that are short enough to not offend older viewers but the perfect length for the ADD younger crowd to watch on youtube, share on facebook and Twitter while promoting his show. Brilliant move.
  2. JIMMY FALLON DECIDED TO DO WHAT HE DOES BEST INSTEAD OF CHANGING FOR TRADITIONS SAKE – why should you change what you do well? Jimmy Fallon must have answered that question by saying “you don’t”. He has kept the same fun sensibilities and comedy writing style that made him so popular on Late Night and just brought it over with him. This has in essence made him skip the always uncomfortable “getting used to doing a different style show” that every other host falls into.
  3. JIMMY FALLON IS LIKABLE AND HAS FUN AT HIS JOB – I love Letterman but he just seems so miserable doing what he does. Maybe at one time in the 90’s it was hip to be too cool to like doing your job but that time has changed. jimmy Fallon acknowledges that he is lucky to have an awesome job and he Loves doing it. In the past media people like myself were always told that we should try to relate to people by letting them know that our jobs suck just like theirs and that’s an old school approach. One by the way I never understood. Jimmy Fallon in my opinion is even more in touch with his audience because he realizes that everyone watching him would love to do what he does for a living and they would have fun too.
  4. GREAT GUEST WHO DON’T MAKE IT ALL ABOUT THEM – We have seen too many times how guest come on talk shows and they promote away with ridiculous stories that they might think are funny but lets face it, often times they’re not. He makes sure that they have something to do other than just promote whatever movie or TV show they have coming up. He gets them to play charades, or participate in a comedy bit, or do something out of the ordinary. He gives them a chance to preform. He doesn’t just rely on their lives being interesting enough and he and his writers have prepared something because they realize the audience is who needs to be entertained, not the guest.
  5. JIMMY FALLON HASN’T LET THE EXCITEMENT OVER THE NEW JOB LEAD TO BURNOUT –  Jimmy Fallon is only in his first week and as we all know that a job doesn’t get to be a grind until you’re about half a year in. Usually that first week is filled with trying to hard and eventually when you fall into that pattern of normalcy it seems not as special. His even flowed approach this week will make it feel like everyday is special instead of just the first week.

Overall I would say that Jimmy Fallon is off to a great start. Its still very early to tell but we may be on our way to finally finding the next Johnny Carson like face of American Television. Now excuse me as I go watch the Brian Williams rappers delight youtube video again.

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