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Thursday, April 23, 201504/23/2015

Bring your daughter to work day

My daughter Bella was with me today at work so when it became time to do the Lytle Report she…

Barack Obama makes Thanksgiving Day phone calls to U.S. troops

Wednesday, April 22, 201504/22/2015

Yet another trade deal

I am always suspicious when I see extreme lack of transparency. Don’t get me wrong, there is lack of transparency…


Tuesday, April 21, 201504/21/2015

The Trailer is here

There is no movie I am more excited for than Batman V Superman. The first official trailer has been released!!


Thursday, April 16, 201504/16/2015


The new Trailer is out for THE FORCE AWAKENS and it is amazing!!

Hillary Clinton speaks at a press conference at the Women's Empowerment Event

Thursday, April 16, 201504/16/2015

The very prepared Clinton camp gets surprised

The one thing the Clinton camp didn’t predict


Monday, April 13, 201504/13/2015

ASK THE EXPERT “transplants”

Ray Talks Transplants with the Experts from Memorial Health System


Thursday, April 2, 201504/02/2015

Van Halen does Ellen

Oh the times have changed. Ellen grabs the first performance by Van Halen. This one was recorded prior to Dave…


Tuesday, March 24, 201503/24/2015

Schock Treatment

The Ray Lytle Show thinks they know what Aaron Schocks next career move is….


Friday, March 20, 201503/20/2015


LAKESIDE REGION   Afscme Protesters People who regularly drink and Boat     Heroin addicted pan handlers People who saw…


Friday, March 13, 201503/13/2015

This is the greatest… Watch it

Robert Downey Jr has a surprise for a 7 year old boy

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