Law Talk – 3/8
Law Talk – 3/8

Chip Delano, Jason Vincent, and John LaTessa discuss how social media postings can affect legal cases, and what happens in adoption proceedings.  Show date:  March 8, 2014

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Post-Rioting Prayer Vigil in Springfield Tonight


Ferguson may serve as an example to improve police/community relations

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Christian County Authorities Investigate Baby Death


A one month old baby is dead in Kincaid.

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Illinois Ebola Hotline Suspended


The number of calls to it has fallen sharply.

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Abner Mikva Receives Congressional Medal of Honor


A longtime federal judge and five-term Democratic congressman from Illinois has received America's highest civilian honor.

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USDA: That’s a Wrap for Illinois Crops


Corn 97 percent finished

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UPDATED: No Indictment Against Ferguson Officer Wilson


A grand jury has decided not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown