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wtax 011015

The War Room/Mass Baptism

The War Room brings in the bucks; controversy over students choosing baptism at a Georgia high school.

illinois times

Entertainment With The Illinois Times

Entertainment with The Illinois Times 9/5/15

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Trump Poll/Guinness Book Turns 60

Trump not that popular in recent Quinnipiac Poll and the Guinness Book of World Records has it’s 60th birthday.

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Roanaoke Virginia Shooting

CBS recaps the shooting of two journalists this week in Roanoke, VA.

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10 Years Since Hurricane Katrina/Kentucky County Clerk Won’t Issue Marriage Licenses

10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina; Religious County Clerk in Kentucky refuses to issue any marriage licenses to same sex and hetero couples.

Springfield Business Journal

The Springfield Business Journal Report

Springfield Business Journal 8/29/15

illinois times

Entertainment With The Illinois Times

Entertainment With The Illinois Times 8/29/15

wtax 011015

Ashley Madion/Dating Site Scams

More information leaked from Ashley Madison’s site; Online dating scammers.

wtax 011015

The Donald/Bush vs. Trump

Why Trump is doing so well with voters and Bush vs, Trump on the campaign trail

Springfield Business Journal

Springfield Business Journal Report

Springfield Business Journal Report 8/22/15

Recent Headlines

2 hours ago in Local

Another Day, Another Leaders’ Meeting

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner delivers his inauguration address Monday, Jan. 12, 2015, in Springfield, Ill., after being sworn in as Illinois' 42nd governor.

The four legislative leaders are now meeting daily with Gov. Bruce Rauner in his office.

3 hours ago in Local

House Re-Votes on Budget; Passes Again

Under the Capitol Dome

The mood was a little more tempered, but the votes remained the same.

5 hours ago in Local

U of I Goes Inside for “Branding”

illinois logo

A public relations firm hired to develop a branding plan for the University of Illinois' flagship campus has been replaced by a school committee.

5 hours ago in Local

CPS Chief Leads Capitol Rally

Chicago Public Schools

The head of Chicago Public Schools says the district has "reached the point of no return" and faces severe cuts without "equal" funding from the state.

6 hours ago in Local

Rauner Not Paying Much Attention to Wednesday’s Budget Vote

10-16-15 Rauner Langfelder 10th St Corridor

Outwardly, Gov. Bruce Rauner seems to be taking the state's most important matters in stride, a day after the Speaker of the House dissed his “working groups” and then engineered a budget vote controversial in many ways.