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Morning Newswatch Podcasts


Is Sheriff Neil Williamson going to run for Springfield Mayor?

He going to make an announcement this week!


WTAX’s Alex Degman Interviews Springfield School Board Member Scott McFarland

A special Superintendents survey is available for district residents!


The S-S-C-R-P-C would like your input!

Deadline is October 7th

Judy Baar Topinka

Judy Baar Topinka is running for re-election!

The Comptroller is proud of what she has done in her first term!


WTAX’s Bob Murray Talks With John Hawkins from the I-F-B

The Harvest may begin in ‘earnest’ on or around October 1st!


The Final “Music in the Park” is Sunday!

It’ll get started at 4 pm

Recent Headlines

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Madigan Files Pension Appeal


Attorney General Lisa Madigan has filed official notice with the Supreme Court that the state will appeal a ruling that Illinois' landmark pension overhaul is unconstitutional.

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Chicago Couple Sues Aviation Company Over Crash


A Chicago couple is suing the owner of a small cargo plane that crashed into their home.

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$4.5 Million Headed To Illinois Food Banks; Springfield Included


The state is giving nearly $4.5 million to eight food banks across Illinois for modernization.

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Flyers: Know Your Rights!


Financial hurt for airlines who keep you on the tarmac