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Morning Newswatch

Aldermen Cory Jobe on the city council meeting

Joey talks with Ward 6 Alderman Cory Jobe about last night’s city council meeting, snow removal issues and mayoral executive orders.


District 186 Board President Mike Zimmers on school board meeting

Joey talks with Springfield School Board President Mike Zimmers on funding options for the district of the state doesn’t come through with scheduled payments.

Weekend Newswatch

Keeping an eye on Congressman Aaron Shock’s spending

Joey talks with Political Scientist John Jackson with Paul Simon Public Policy Institute on the latest revelations about Congressman Aaron Shock’s spending.

Morning Newswatch

The Springfield Muni auditions are coming up

Joey talks with Michelle Eccles a member of the Board of Managers with the Springfield Muni about the upcoming auditions. If you need more information go to themuni.org.


Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to a joint session of Congress

Ahead of a key speech today before a joint session of congress by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, American and Israeli leaders exchange what’s described as rhetorical embraces.

Morning Newswatch

The choice of party leaders for the 87th is Tim Butler

Joey talks with Tim Butler, who was chosen over the weekend as the replacement to fill former state Rep. Rich Brauer’s vacant seat.

Weekend Newswatch

Another police shooting, and another snow storm for Boston

The storm that left our weekend snow is getting ready to dump some more snow on Boston and the North east…and there was another police shooting over the weekend.


Terrorists release 19 kidnapped Christians and identifying ‘Jihadi John’

Activists say Islamic state terrorists have released 19 Christians who were part of mass kidnapping…and identifying ‘Jihadi John.’

Morning Newswatch

We know who ‘Jihadi John’ is…Now what?

Joey talks with CBS Radio News Military Analyst Mike Lyons on what happens now that we know who “Jihadi John’ is.

Weekend Newswatch

What the net neutrality vote means to you and your computers

Joey talks with Dr. Vickie Cook the Director, Center for Online Learning at the University of Illinois Springfield about yesterday’s net neutrality vote.

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Obama speaks about the sequester in Washington

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