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Morning Newswatch

The Sierra Club Illinois on the Clean Power Plan

Joey talks with Sierra Club Illinois Director Jack Darin about the President’s Clean Power Plan.

Weekend Newswatch

The Illinois Coal Association on the Clean Power Plan

Joey talks with the President of the Illinois Coal Association about President Obama’s Clean Power Plan.


The President’s Clean Power Plan

President Obama has announce an aggressive plan to cut carbon emissions from u.s. power plants.

Morning Newswatch

2015 Edgar Fellow class member Representative Tim butler

Joey talks with Representative Tim Butler about being selected as an Edgar Fellow, class of 2015.

Live from Paris on the examination of the ‘flaperon’

A wing fragment that could very well be from a Malaysia Airlines 777 which disappeared more than 500 days ago, arrived at a military laboratory near the city of Toulouse over the weekend.


The EPA sets limits power plant carbon emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency today will set the nations first ever limits on power plant carbon emissions.


Working for independent map amendment for the Illinois Constitution

Joey talks with the Executive Director of Independent Maps, Cindi Canary on the more than 210,000 signatures already on the petition to make the Independent Map Amendment part of the Illinois Constitution.

Weekend Newswatch

CBS Aviation Analyst Mark Rosenker with the latest on the plane debris

Joey talks with CBS Aviation Analyst Mark Rosenker to get the latest on what could be a piece of ill-fated Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was discovered on Reunion Island.

Morning Newswatch

How close are investigators to identifying that plane debris?

Accident investigators on a remote island in the Indian ocean appear close to determining if plane debris belongs to Malaysian flight 370 that has been missing since march of last ye

Morning Newswatch

Springfield extends free electronic recycling

Joey talks with Springfield Community Programs Coordinator, Abby Walden on the extension of the free electronic recycling program for the city.

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Pros, Cons of Municipal Bankruptcy


Governor's pension proposal studied

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Commerce Secretary, Members of Congress Laud UI Labs


Hultgren, Bustos hope for statewide impact

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Another Call to Override Heroin Veto


Drug treatment expert estimates $58M in savings

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Illinois First State in the Nation to Lock Painkiller Bottles

med bottle lock

The one-year program will put the locks on painkillers that contain hydrocodone, also known as Vicodin or Norco.