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Weekend Newswatch

The Illinois Products Farmers Market has a new spot on the fairgrounds

Joey talks with Luke Sailer with the Department of Ag, and Patty Kuhn with the Springfield Clinic about the opening of the Illinois Products Farmers Market tomorrow at the Illinois State Fair Grounds.


The Senate passes the budget plan

The senate has passed a republican budget plan that contains deep domestic spending cuts that would eliminate deficits in 10 years.


District 186 School Board President Mike Zimmers

Joey talks with Springfield School Board President Mike Zimmers about money the district has received from the state and on his reelection as president of the board.

Morning Newswatch

Mark McDonald on ‘Illinois Stories’ 1000th episode

Joey talks with mark McDonald about the 1000th episode of the long running series ‘Illinois Stories’ on WSEC.

Weekend Newswatch

Getting to know presidential candidate Carly Fiorina

One of the things you will her about newly announced presidential candidate Carly Fiorina her tenure as CEO at Hewlett-Packard.


Funding restored to The Autism Program of Illinois – now what

Joey talks with Mark Schmidt, spokesman for the Autism Program of Illinois on getting the program up and running again since funding was restored last week.


Horace Mann celebrates ‘Teacher Appreciation Week’

Joey talks with Michelle Eccles with Horace Mann on how they celebrating teachers during ‘Teacher Appreciation Week.’

Morning Newswatch

Political Action Committees have evolved since the last presidential election

Political Action Committees have evolved since the 2012 presidential campaign.

Morning Newswatch

Mark Whitlock and Karl Luthin on horses for the Lincoln reenactment.

Joey talks with historical reenactor Mark Whitlock and Karl Luthin with KEL Productions about the horses being used in the Lincoln reenactment this weekend.


A flap over promotion of the SHS spring musical “Hairspray The Musical”

Joey talks with some of the cast members of the spring musical at Springfield High School, “Hairspray The Musical” over signs at the school promoting the show.

Recent Headlines

8 hours ago in Local

Court Upholds TV Pitchman Kevin Trudeau’s 10-Year Sentence

wtax 011015

An appeals court in Chicago has upheld a 10-year prison term for best-selling author Kevin Trudeau.

8 hours ago in Local

Hung Jury Declared in Trial of Former Illinois Prosecutor


Judge Bob Hardwick declared a mistrial Friday evening in the trial of Curtis Lovelace.

8 hours ago in Local

Amtrak, Illinois Reach Deal to Maintain Instate Service


The deal announced Friday will maintain service through the end of the fiscal year on June 30 at a cost of $38.3 million to the state. The department paid $42 million the previous fiscal year.

19 hours ago in Local

State Museum to Reopen with Governor’s Amendatory Veto

Illinois State Museum

Rauner has amendatorily vetoed a bill lawmakers approved a few months ago that would reopen the museum and all its satellite locations.

19 hours ago in Local

Woman Convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter of Child Sentenced

Cammie Kelly

Cammie Kelly is going to prison for four years.