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The Utah flash floods and the Republican debate

The death toll from flash flooding along the Utah and Arizona boarder is now at least 16.

Morning Newswatch

Mayor Langfelder on the Springfield’s new microloan program

Joey talks with Springfield Mayor Jim Langfelder abut partnering with microloan provider Justine Petersen.


Illinois State Senator calls for the reinstatement of the death penalty

Joey talks with University of Illinois Springfield Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice, Ryan Williams on new calls for the reinstatement of the death penalty in Illinois.


Numbers on the 2016 election from CBS News/New York Times poll

Joey talks with CBS News Director of Surveys Sarah Dutton on a new CBS News/NY Times poll on 2016 Republican candidates.


Will the Federal Reserve start raising interest rates soon?

A two day meeting of the Federal Reserve begins tomorrow, and it could end with the first interest rate increase in nearly a decade.

rodney davis

Congressman Davis on infrastructure and the budget

Joey talks withe Congressman Rodney Davis about infrastructure funding, and coming up with a budget deal.

Weekend Newswatch

Can the government avoid a shutdown over the budget?

The government is closing in on deadlines to get the budget in order.


EU Interior Ministers debate refugee crisis

Joey talks with CBS Radio News Reporter Teri Schultz live from Brussels about a meeting of European Interior Ministers whoa re discussing the ongoing refugee crisis.


State Rep. Mark Batinick — a New Pension Idea?

The Plainfield Republican joins Alex Degman to discuss his proposal, which would allow retirees to take some of their pension earnings as a lump sum payment.

Official portrait Dr. Kruse

Dr. Kerry Kruse, SIU School of Medicine’s New Dean

Kruse joins Alex Degman to talk about his new role and what he envisions for the school’s future, as well as the future of healthcare in Springfield.

Recent Headlines

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Housing Authority Expansion Continues

Springfield Housing Authority

Executive Director Jackie Newman says there wasn't enough room in the basement for the Section 8 voucher program, dealing with hundreds of landlords and tenants alike.

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More Budget Bickering


Slavery has been brought into the rhetoric over the budget stalemate.

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Will Rauner Reject More Medical Marijuana Treatment Options?


Nobody in Illinois has prescribed or consumed medical marijuana yet.

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Bank Tellers Tell Would-Be Robber to Leave, Robber Complies


´╗┐An attempted robbery at a Springfield bank ended almost as quickly as it started.

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Exposure of SpringfieldILExposed.com

Springfield Exposed

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