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Weekend Newswatch

District 186 Board President Mike Zimmers

Joey talks school budget, and last nights school board meeting with Springfield District 186 Board President Mike Zimmers.


NSA Patriot Act Surveillance Powers Temporarily Suspended

An impasse on Capitol Hill remains over government surveillance powers.

Morning Newswatch

Fallout from the Denny Hastert indictments

Joey talks with Political Scientist and former Chancellor of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, John Jackson about fallout from the Dennis Hastert indictments.

Weekend Newswatch

Steven Portnoy from CBS Radio News on NSA surveillance lapse

Joey talks with Steven Portnoy with CBS Radio News about the lapse in the Patriot Act.


Surveillance powers lapse with no deal in Senate

The senate has voted to advance legislation that would replace the governments ability to collect bulk phone records, but provisions of the Patriot Act have expired.


The Dennis Hastert indictments

Joey get’s the latest on the Dennis Hastert indictments with Steven Portnoy with CBS Radio News in Washington.

Morning Newswatch

The importance of the ‘student concussion bill’

Joey talks with the lead athletic trainer for Memorial Medical Center’s SportsCare, Devin Spears about the concussion bill that awaits Govern Rauner’s signature.

Weekend Newswatch

Representative Tim Butler

Joey talks with Representative Tim Butler about the budget, Governor Rauner’s ‘Turnaround Agenda’, and Dennis Hastert.


How did FIFA get into trouble?

How did soccer’s international governing body, FIFA, get caught up in such controversy this week?

Morning Newswatch

Dr. Kent Redfield on the budget and the ‘Turnaround Agenda’

Joey talks with Dr. Kent Redfield, professor of Political Science at the University of Illinois at Springfield on the budget, and the Governor’s ‘Turnaround Agenda’.

Recent Headlines

in Local

Police Investigate Shots Fired at Home


Damage reported to a home.

in Local

Springfield Attorney Becomes Judge


It's now Judge Jennifer Ascher.

in Local

Zopp Wants Chicago Police Superintendent to Resign


U.S. Senate hopeful Andrea Zopp says Chicago Police superintendent Garry McCarthy should step down.

in Local

UPDATED: U of Chicago Reopens Today


Suspect Jabari Dean may have wanted to retaliate for Laquan McDonald shooting

in Local

Judge to State: Pay Insurance for Home Health Care Workers


SEIU Healthcare Illinois took legal action against Gov. Bruce Rauner and Comptroller Leslie Munger earlier this month to force the payments.