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Weekend Newswatch

“Showboat in Concert” at the Hoogland

Joey talks with Tiffany Mathes, Alyssa and DJ Shultz from the cast of “Showboat in Concert” which opens tonight at the Hoogland Center for the Arts.

Business Over Coffee

“Business Over Coffee” with Charlie Ferguson

Charlie Ferguson talks Gina Gemberling with Visit Springfield on this weeks edition of “Business Over Coffee.”


The pros and cons of speed cameras

Cash grab, safety measure, or a little of both. The state of Maryland is believed to be the most aggressive when it comes to speed cameras, the ones that can snap a picture of you committing a moving violation in your car, and send you a summons in the mail.

4-20-16 MAP Rally 1

A rally for higher education funding at the capitol

Joey talks with Dave Tretter, representing the Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities, about yesterdays rally at the Illinois Capitol.

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump speaks at a news conference in Manhattan after he signed a pledge to support the Republican nominee in the 2016 general election, ruling out a third-party or independent run.

Featuring: Donald Trump
Where: New York, New York, United States
When: 03 Sep 2015
Credit: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.com

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A long shot running mate for Donald Trump

At least one political observer thinks that since presidential candidate Donald Trump has proclaimed himself “The King of the Deal”, he should strike one that lands him South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to be his running mate.

4-20-16 Springfield City Council Salvation Army

Ward 10 Alderman Ralph Hanauer the council meeting

Joey talks with Ward 10 Alderman Ralph Hanauer about the Salvation Army which was a hot topic at the city council meeting last night.

Weekend Newswatch

Newschannel 20’s Stacey Skrysak on St. John’s “Love Your Body” Luncheon

Joey talks with Newschannel 20’s Stacey Skrysak about the upcoming “Love Your Body” Luncheon at HSHS St. John’s Hospital.

Hillary Clinton speaks at a press conference at the Women's Empowerment Event at the United Nations

Featuring: Hillary Clinton
Where: New York, New York, United States
When: 10 Mar 2015
Credit: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.com

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The New York Primary and flooding in Houston

Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says victory is now in sight after she easily captured the New York primary over Senator Bernie Sanders.

Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, talks from the speakers podium in the House chambers Tuesday, May 13, 2014, in Springfield Ill. The Illinois Legislature resumes work toward its end of May deadline.

House Speaker Madigan on New Education Funding Proposal

House Speaker Mike Madigan Monday testified to a committee on a proposed Constitutional amendment to change the state’s education funding formula.

farm house

Farmers: Be Safe Around Power Lines!

Farmers face problems with power lines as they work to get their crops planted this season.

Recent Headlines

4 hours ago in Local

Change to Redistricting Advances

jack franks

Senate must vote this week if it's to go onto the balot

11 hours ago in Local

Army Corps Approves Conducting Hunter Lake Study; Council Approves Simpson Appointment


An environmental impact study on the city’s proposed Hunter Lake as a backup water supply has been approved by the Army Corps of Engineers to be conducted.

18 hours ago in Local

31st Annual Police Officer Memorial Day Thursday


Thursday marks the 31st annual Police Officer Memorial Day.

18 hours ago in Local

Springfield Police Department : Slow Down on the MacArthur Extension


Springfield Police say drivers are exceeding the posted speed limit on the MacArthur extension, south of Wabash.

20 hours ago in Local

No Vote Yet on Graduated Tax Proposal


Maybe Wednesday