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school board headquarters

District 186 School Board President Mike Zimmers

Joey talks technology with Springfield School District Board President Mike Zimmers.


The difference in the presidential debates

One thing you may have noticed this presidential election cycle, is the difference between the tones of the debates.


Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate, Andrea Zopp

Joey talks with candidate for the democrat primary for U.S. Senate, Andrea Zopp about how her campaign and what would make her a good senator.

Lovie Smith AP

Lovie Smith comes to Fighting Illini football

Joey talks with Jason Goch about the Illini decision to hire Lovie Smith as the head football coach.

Morning Newswatch

Senate leadership and the Supreme Court vacancy

There is one final political stand that could be a defining moment in Washington for Senate Minority leader Harry Reed and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.


Kent Gray on the campaign for the 99th

Joey talks to Kent Gray about the Illinois House, 99th District Republican primary.

I Voted Stickers

Rep. Sara Wojcicki Jimenez on the campaign for the 99th

Joey talks to State Rep. Sara Wojcicki Jimenez about the Illinois House, 99th District Republican primary.

Nancy and Ronald Reagan, October 6, 1981

Featuring: Nancy Reagan, Nancy Davis, Ronald Reagan
When: 06 Mar 2016
Credit: WENN.com

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Reaction to the passing of Nancy Reagan at age 94

Joey talks with CBS Radio News correspondent Steve Futterman who covered the Reagan’s in California to get the latest reaction to her death.


Few are talking about the age of the presidential candidates

While many are buzzing about how unusual the the 2016 presidential campaign is, there is a topic that is not an issue, despite the intensity of the race at times, and that is the candidates ages.


Severe weather preparedness week with David Butt

Joey talks with the Director of the Sangamon County Office of Emergency Management, David Butt about severe weather preparedness week.

Recent Headlines

1 hour ago in Local

Bomb Threat Unfounded at Butler Elementary School

Butler Elementary School

Butler Elementary School is back to normal after a bomb threat caused it to be evacuated for a short time Wednesday.

2 hours ago in Local

AP NewsBreak: Rauner Board Asked Builders to Lobby Lawmakers

Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate businessman Bruce Rauner participates in a Republican gubernatorial candidate debate Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014, in Springfield, Ill. The four Republican gubernatorial candidates said that they’ll be willing to work with unions if elected but differed on how to approach the relationship during a downstate debate that largely focused on pension reform, taxes and just briefly on personal issues that have dogged some of the candidates.

Good-government advocates are criticizing the head of an agency managing state construction projects for asking builders to lobby lawmakers to restore funding.

2 hours ago in Local

House Fails to Override Labor Arbitration Veto

5-18-16 Rally 1

The labor arbitration bill remains dead.

3 hours ago in Local

Another Leaders Meeting, Optimism Dissolving


The last days of session are a flurry of activity, if not progress.

3 hours ago in Local

Lawmakers Discuss Gun Ownership and Mental Health


Illinois lawmakers have approved a measure designed to prevent people with mental disabilities from owning guns.