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Ward 8 Alderman Kris Theilen on the ‘Pension Perk’

Joey talks with Ward 8 Alderman Kris Theilen on progress made at last night’s city council meeting on the ‘Pension Perk.’

Morning Newswatch

Help us Stuff-A-Truck with school supplies for District 186

Joey talks with Contact Ministries Shelter Director Mia Woods on the Stuff-A-Truck event coming up Saturday at Hy-Vee to collect school supplies for District 186.

Weekend Newswatch

Cardinal players get booed at the All Star Game

Joey talks Cardinal players being booed, and Pete Rose at the All Star Game with Illinois Radio Network Sports Director Jason Goch.


The deal with Iran

The nuclear deal struck with Iran has touched off a furious scramble on Capitol Hill.

Senator Trotter on the Illinois State Museum hearing

Joey talks with State Senator Donne Trotter about yesterday’s well attended hearing about closing the Illinois State Museum.


What can an investor do about a Wall Street glitch?

What can an the average person do to keep investments safe when there is a Wall Street glitch?

Morning Newswatch

Entering week three with no budget in Illinois

Joey talks with University of Illinois Professor of Political Science Dr. Kent Redfield about the state entering its third week without a budget.

Weekend Newswatch

Live from Mexico City on the escape of El Chapo

Joey talks with Adrienne Bard with CBS Radio News about the amazing excape of drug kingpin, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.


Rallies are cropping up to keep the confederate flag

The national push to pull the confederate flag from stores and public displays is being met with resistance in some parts of the country.

Morning Newswatch

Representative Avery Bourne on the Budget

Joey talks with State Representative Avery Bourne about the continuing budget mess at the Illinois Statehouse.

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