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Morning Newswatch Podcasts


State Representative Tim Butler

Joey talks with State Representative Tim Butler about the budget, new faces in the legislature and Syrian refugees.

The Muni

The new Springfield Muni season has been announced

Joey talks with Springfield Muni board member Michelle Eccles about he announcement of the shows coming up next year at the muni.

Paul Ryan AP

How long with the Paul Ryan honeymoon period last?

House Speaker Paul Ryan has been on the job now for a little more than three weeks and appears to have some early momentum with a couple of legislative victories in his pocket


Sara Wojcicki Jimenez on appointment to the Illinois House

Joey talks with Sara Wojcicki Jimenez about her appointment to fill the seat of Raymond Poe.


Lisa Clemmons Stott on her new job at DIS

Joey talks with the new Executive Director at Downtown Springfield Inc. Lisa Clemmons Stott about her new job.


Alderman Jim Donelan on the Ward 9 meeting

Joey talks with Ward 9 Alderman Jim Donelan about the last of the first round of ward meeting that happened over the weekend.

Weekend Newswatch

Refugee communities in America

As tens of thousands of refugees wait on the United States to decide whether or not to accept them, opponents often forget about the hundreds of refugee communities across the country that have integrated into american society.

baseball softball locker

Tina Buck on the Grand Opening of the “Buck Fastpitch Academy”

A new place to learn fastpitch softball is opening up in the area.


Ward 5 Alderman Andrew Proctor Talks About Ward Meeting

Will Stevenson, filling in for Joey McLaughlin, talks to Ward 5 Ald. Andrew Proctor about his ward meeting Thursday night.

Japan Gettysburg Address

Students from Japan Recite the Gettysburg Address

For the 13th time in Springfield, a group of students from our sister city — Ashikaga, Japan — recited the Gettysburg Address at the Old State Capitol.

Recent Headlines

12 hours ago in Local

Court Upholds TV Pitchman Kevin Trudeau’s 10-Year Sentence

wtax 011015

An appeals court in Chicago has upheld a 10-year prison term for best-selling author Kevin Trudeau.

13 hours ago in Local

Hung Jury Declared in Trial of Former Illinois Prosecutor


Judge Bob Hardwick declared a mistrial Friday evening in the trial of Curtis Lovelace.

13 hours ago in Local

Amtrak, Illinois Reach Deal to Maintain Instate Service


The deal announced Friday will maintain service through the end of the fiscal year on June 30 at a cost of $38.3 million to the state. The department paid $42 million the previous fiscal year.

23 hours ago in Local

State Museum to Reopen with Governor’s Amendatory Veto

Illinois State Museum

Rauner has amendatorily vetoed a bill lawmakers approved a few months ago that would reopen the museum and all its satellite locations.

24 hours ago in Local

Woman Convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter of Child Sentenced

Cammie Kelly

Cammie Kelly is going to prison for four years.