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Morning Newswatch Podcasts


Officials concerned about murder rates in big cities

A continuing rise in homicides in some U.S. cities during the first two months of 2016 is rattling officials hoping last year’s surge is an aberration.

Jim Langfelder

Mayor Jim Langfelder on coal, ethics and the “Y” block

Joey talks with Springfield Mayor Jim Langfelder about the coal contract for CWLP, the ethics committee meeting and the latest on the “Y” block.


Todd Miller with the latest on the Springfield Sliders

Joey talks with the General Manager of the Springfield Sliders about his plans for the Sliders when his deal to purchase the team are completed.


Business Over Coffee with Charlie Ferguson

Business Over Coffee with Charlie Ferguson. Charlie’s guest was Eric Oschwald from Prairie State Bank in Springfield – and the President-Elect of the American Business Club’s National Organization.

money pile

The 2016 presidential race and the markets

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has turned positive for the year, and oil prices settled above $40 per barrel. But how will the presidential election effect markets?

U.S. Supreme Court

The president’s SCOTUS nomination

Joey talks with CBS Radio News White House correspondent, Pam Coulter about the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court.

ice skate

Spotlight on Ice 2016 “Unforgettable”

Joey talks with Monica Polistina, a Board Member, Assistant Treasurer and Chairperson for the Communications Committee of The Springfield Figure Skating Club on Spotlight on Ice.


What exactly is a ‘Brokered Convention?”

What exactly is a brokered political convention, and how could it unfold if a republican presidential candidate does not secure the 1,237 delegates needed for the nomination?


LLCC political science professor with primary analysis

Joey talks with Professor John Vinzant with Lincoln Land Community College to get some analysis on yesterday’s primary election.

salvation army

Ward 5 Alderman Andrew Proctor

Joey talks with Ward 5 Alderman Andrew Proctor about last night’s city council meeting and gets’a the latest on finding a new home for the Salvation Army.

Recent Headlines

4 hours ago in Local

31st Annual Police Officer Memorial Day Thursday


Thursday marks the 31st annual Police Officer Memorial Day.

5 hours ago in Local

Springfield Police Department : Slow Down on the MacArthur Extension


Springfield Police say drivers are exceeding the posted speed limit on the MacArthur extension, south of Wabash.

6 hours ago in Local

No Vote Yet on Graduated Tax Proposal


Maybe Wednesday

6 hours ago in Local

More Higher Ed Funding to be Considered

4-20-16 MAP Rally 1

Hundreds of millions of dollars would be going to higher education -- in addition to money they just received -- under an amendment to a spending bill an Illinois Senate committee has approved.

13 hours ago in Local

Just Enough Rain for Most of Illinois


Corn progress best in years