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school board headquarters

District 186 School Board President Mike Zimmers

District 186 School Board President Mike Zimmers joins Joey to talk about the school board meeting and tweaks to the school transfer transfer policy.


City, Water, Light and Power Chief Doug Brown

Joey talks with the the head of City, Water, Light and Power, Doug Brown about several of the financial aspects of the utility and the ordinances pertaining to it at the city council meeting tonight.


SCOTUS has a new term underway

The United States Supreme Court is underway with its newest term. What will the court be taking up?

Morning Newswatch

Ward 7 Alderman Joe McMenamin on CWLP

Joey talks with Springfield Ward 7 Joe McMenamin about the financial health of City, Water, Light and Power.


It’s being called a ‘thousand year flood’ South Carolina

Joey talks with Jim Krasula with CBS Radio News, who is in Columbia South Carolina where the state’s governor is calling the flooding there a once-in-a-millennium downpour


It was a weak jobs report for September

It was a weak jobs report for September.

Morning Newswatch

State Senator Sam McCann on the Illinois State Museum rally

Joey talks with Sate Senator Sam McCann about the Illinois State Museum closure, and the rally held at the museum last night.


‘Civil War Tech’ at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Joey talks with the Education Director at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Michelle Poe about a new monthly program on ‘Civil War Tech.’


The latest on a military transport plane crash in Afghanistan

A U.S. military transport plane crashed earlier this morning at an airfield in Afghanistan, killing all 11 people on board.

Weekend Newswatch

Representative Avery Bourne will seek a full term in the 95th District

Joey talks with Illinois Representative Avery Bourne about her decision to run for a full two year term in in the 95th District.

Recent Headlines

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Davis Is Optimistic about TPP


Anticipates Illinois impact

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No Adlai Here


Budget uncertainty and ALPLM's structural future are blamed

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Zopp Zaps Duckworth


This time, the subject is criminal justice

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Springfield City Council Approves CWLP Electric Rate Changes

10-6-15 Springfield City Council

One alderman voted "present," one voted "no," and eight voted "yes."

in Local

“Artification” Continues in Downtown Springfield

Downtown Springfield Inc

A crosswalk in downtown Springfield is about to look like a combination Lincoln history site and Beatles "Abbey Road" album cover.