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1 month ago

Springfield to Host More Than a Dozen National Conventions

Alll but three conventions are new to the Capitol City.


1 month ago

SIU President Critical of State Over Budget Impasse

Randy Dunn says the state's failure to fund the MAP grants – a tuition assistance program to needy Illinoisans – is a travesty.

Illinois General Assembly

1 month ago

State Lawmakers Disagree on Pension Reform Being Put on Backburner During Budget Stalemate

State lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agree that the state’s problems with pensions have been put on the…

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7 hours ago in National

Gov’t report: 8 states had significant drop in uninsured


They are Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, and New York. Politically, that's a mix of red, blue and purple states.

9 hours ago in National

Rubio needs strong New Hampshire showing to rebut debate critics


A week ago, it looked like the stars were aligning for Marco Rubio. Now, as New Hampshire holds its pivotal primary on Tuesday, the Republican presidential contender has to hope the sky does not come crashing down on him.

9 hours ago in National

Obama proposes $4.1 trillion spending plan in final White House budget


The budget for the fiscal year beginning on Oct. 1 is largely a political document and is unlikely to be passed by the Republican-controlled Congress.

9 hours ago in National

National Security Agency going on the ‘hack’ attack


The U.S. National Security Agency on Monday outlined a reorganization that will consolidate its spying and domestic cyber-security operations, despite recommendations by a presidential panel that the agency focus solely on espionage.

9 hours ago in Trending, Viral Videos

TODAY’S MUST SEE: Ben Stiller’s female Viagra ad


It was supposed to play during the Super Bowl.