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Illinois Unemployment Rate Falls; Quickly Turns to Political Fodder

Illinois unemployment fell in August to 6.7 percent.


Libertarian Gov. Candidate to Stay on November Ballot

A Sangamon County judge on Thursday rejected the Republican Party's attempt to have a Libertarian candidate for Illinois governor struck from the Nov. 4 ballot.

Bruce Rauner (R), Pat Quinn

Rauner: Ethics Problems Are Quinn’s, Not Mine

Rauner's firm owned a company which settled fraud charges with Georgia


GOP Appeal Seeks to Knock Libertarian off Ballot

A Sangamon County judge is considering an appeal by Republican attorneys to remove a Libertarian candidate for Illinois governor from the November ballot.

Bruce Rauner (R), Pat Quinn

Polls Show Narrowing Governor’s Race

One poll has Quinn leading


Rauner: Medical Marijuana Program “Ripe for Corruption”

Bruce Rauner wants the application process changed for companies vying for dispensary and cultivator licenses.


New Subpoena Issued in NRI Probe

Federal authorities in Chicago issued a new subpoena over records involving Gov. Pat Quinn's troubled anti-violence program.


Rauner Tied to Medicaid Fraud, Vallas Says

He's not involved, spokesman says


Slottag Seeks Ward 8 Seat; Theilen Alleges Political Meddling

A familiar name is running for Springfield City Council.

Bruce Rauner (R), Pat Quinn

Rauner: Quinn Needs Patronage

Republican governor candidate Bruce Rauner wants everyone hired under patronage rules at the Illinois Department of Transportation, but given non-patronage, work to be fired.


Callis’ Residency Is Questioned

Report: Signed documents as a Missourian while a sitting judge in Illinois


Durbin: GOP to Blame for the Death of Campaign Finance Reform

A proposed amendment to the U.S.. Constitution on campaign financing has stalled


State Officials Commemorate 9/11

Thirteen years after the 2001 terrorist attacks, Gov. Pat Quinn says those who lost their lives are not forgotten.


Fire Union Goes for Quinn

ISP command group picks Rauner


Shutdown Unlikely, Durbin Says

Kirk: Don't expect any action until after the election


Tax and Budget Center: Rauner’s Numbers Don’t Work

Martire can't find more than $700M to offset $8B in cuts

Bruce Rauner (R), Pat Quinn

Feisty Governor’s Race On Display at Ed. Board Meeting

The tone during the nearly 90-minute debate-style meeting before the Chicago Tribune's editorial board was a clear sign the gloves are off.


Rauner Promises to Improve K-12 Education

Plan is short on specifics


Another Name on the Ballot Next Spring

Another familiar name will be on next April's ballot

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Quinn Accuses Rauner of Not Hiring Enough Minorities

Bruce Rauner (R), Pat Quinn

Both trying to make inroads in minority communties

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Library Turf War Continues

Lincoln Presidential Museum

Major donors threaten to withhold donations unless the feuding stops

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Woman Dies in Route 29 Crash Near Edinburg


Illinois State Police say a van over corrected after swerving off the roadway.

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Attorney Wants Parsons to Pay $1.2 Million Now, $100,000 Monthly

Jeff Parsons appears defiant as he walks out of federal court in Springfield July 10, 2014

An attorney representing former THR and Associates employees and creditors wants Jeff Parsons to pony up -- immediately.

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Fake IDs are Easy to Get

id theft

Fake IDs and driver’s licenses are the scourge of the Illinois secretary of state’s office