Williamson: We’ll Enforce Cell Phone Ban at Midnight

Williamson: We’ll Enforce Cell Phone Ban at Midnight

Photo: Newsradio WTAX

There will be no handheld cell phones while driving starting at midnight — no exceptions, if you’re caught you’ll be ticketed.

Sangamon County Sheriff Neil Williamson is sympathetic given how in tune with technology we’ve become.

“This happened kind of gradually over the last five or ten years,” said Williamson. “Now all of a sudden, bang, at midnight tonight we can’t use them anymore behind the wheel of a car anymore. It’s going to be a rude awakening for a lot of people.”

Still, there will be no grace period and fines start immediately. It’s 75 dollars for a first offense. Drivers can use non-handheld phones, GPS devices or make emergency calls without penalty.

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