Gov. Quinn Wants Minimum Wage Raised to $10 an Hour

Gov. Quinn Wants Minimum Wage Raised to $10 an Hour


Gov. Pat Quinn is promising to make a new push to raise the state’s minimum wage in 2014.
The minimum wage has been $8.25 per hour since 2010, but Quinn wants it increased to at least $10, arguing that it will help both poor families and the state’s economy.
“President Kennedy said ‘A rising tide lifts all boats,’” Quinn said. “He didn’t say a rising tide lifts all yachts, he said all boats.”
There are several proposals in the General Assembly to raise the wage to as high as $15 per hour. Quinn says he’s focused on getting it to $10 by next Christmas.
“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” Quinn said. “We’re going to put together the biggest grassroots campaign Illinois has seen in a long, long time.”
If Quinn’s proposal were to become law, Illinois would have highest minimum wage in the country until California raises its minimum wage to $10 per hour in 2016.

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