White Oaks Mall Security Not Changing
White Oaks Mall Security Not Changing

Despite restrictions a Bloomington mall has placed on young people, the management at White Oaks Mall says it will be business as usual.

Eastland Mall is requiring anyone under 18 to be accompanied by an adult after 6pm Fridays and Saturdays.  Mall management says it is a response to shop owners and mall patrons who complain large numbers of unsupervised youths on weekends are causing trouble and making other shoppers feel unsafe.

Dave Dawson, Director of Marketing for White Oaks says those rules are not being considered.

“We have no plans to institute a parental chaperone program at this time,” said Dawson in a prepared statement. “We have found by strictly enforcing our code of conduct which is prominently displayed, our security staff has been able to do a successful job of maintaining security at White Oaks.”

He says they have not had disruptions, rules are posted at all entrances and, mall security is highly visible.  Additionally, the Springfield Police Department has a satellite station at the mall.