West Nile Returns to the County
West Nile Returns to the County

You may see the contraptions in your neighborhood’s trees and have wondered what they are….mosquito traps to monitor the West Nile Virus in the area.

Sangamon County Public Health Director Jim Stone (appearing live with Bob Murray on the Morning Newswatch) says his department is already keeping an eye on the virus now that the first case has been confirmed in the county.  After several years of experience dealing with the virus, Stone says his staff is taking the yearly threat seriously.

“We take those traps back to our lab and can test them to see whether or not the West Nile Virus is present” says Stone.

He says there have been 28 confirmed cases and 6 deaths since the virus was first confirmed in Sangamon County in 2002.  Stone says those with a compromised health system are at the greatest danger.  He adds the biggest single step residents can take is to eliminate standing water around their property.