Vets Day Parade on Capitol Has Good Turnout
Vets Day Parade on Capitol Has Good Turnout

A parade on Capitol Avenue in Springfield on Monday highlighted Veterans Day.

Attendance, like usual, was not overwhelming. However, several attendees noticed a rise in the numbers. Most people said they were attending to honor veterans in their families.

“I’ve been thinking about Veterans Day all weekend, ” said Bob Carson, a 12-year service member of the Army and National Guard, “I just couldn’t miss it.”

Carson added that it is an opportunity to thank veterans and remember all the things they did for America.

Like Carson, Mary Ann Walker was standing on Capitol Avenue with the temperature hovering around 55 degrees.

“When you are a U.S. citizen, you kind of recognize our freedom, with everything that goes on in our world today, you just value you that and appreciate everything they did and the sacrifices that they made.”

Walker was enjoying the parade with her husband, a U.S. Navy vet who served in Granada. Walker also has a father-in-law who served in the Korean War and her father was in World War II.

She also works at a veterans home. Walker says Americans should never forgetĀ  those who did so much to keep the county safe.

Lanphier and Springfield High School Marching bands played and marched down Capitol, playing patriotic music.

Members of the armed forces handed out small flags, rather than candy, to bystanders before the parade started.