UIS Wins Grant to Study Illinois River Flooding

A $148,210 grant will help the University of Illinois Springfield study flooding.

A handful of students will be examining the Illinois River on the Emiquon and Merwin restotration project sites in Fulton and Brown Counties. Biology professor and director of the Therkildsen Field Station, Michael Lemke, said the grant will help the study of seasonal and long-term changes caused by river water being flushed into the floodplain river ecosystem.

“Eventually, some areas, like Emiquon, will be opened up the (Illinois River) with a managed connection. So this might give us some information about how floods, people and ecology get along together.”

The National Science Foundation grant supports a Ph.D. candidate, two UIS graduate students and three UIS undergraduate students to study river ecology. Lemke said the students have already begun the work.