U.S. Sen. Kirk Appears in Springfield, Rallies GOP
U.S. Sen. Kirk Appears in Springfield, Rallies GOP

Illinois’ top elected Republican fired up the troops during the party’s rally at the state fair Thursday. It was U. S. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), still recovering from the stroke he suffered last year.

“Republican fiscally conservative values are the way forward to make sure that we are the ones who are going to rescue Illinois,” Kirk said. “We already know how to do it. With our economic policies, we can do it.”

Kirk, who is planning a 2016 re-election run, said if you want to be depressed, do a Google image search for “Detroit,” adding his party’s policies will avert that fate.

As for the rest of the party, the four candidates for the 2014 gubernatorial primary spoke at the rally, as did one candidate for treasurer. State party chairman Jack Dorgan says there are some unfilled slots.

“We’ve got a couple of people looking at it; they obviously have not announced,” said Dorgan. “We think the secretary of state’s office is a business services office that needs some improvement, and the attorney general’s office, I think, enough said. We need someone who will be a true law enforcement officer for the state.”

The incumbent treasurer is running for governor; the comptroller is seeking another term. The primary is March 18.

To listen to Kirk’s remarks at the fair, click play on the audio link below.