Tips To Stay Cool This Summer
Tips To Stay Cool This Summer

Ameren Illinois wants to make sure everyone battling the heat stays cool for the summer. Spokeswoman Marcelyn Love says cooling and heating bills tend to be higher in the summer thanks to the hot temperatures, so it’s important to not let too much cool air become expensive.

“Customers typically use more electricity during the summer operating their air conditioners, but if a person doesn’t have an air conditioner they should consider going to an air condition place during the warmest times of the day such as a friend’s house, a mall, or a library or any other type of public building,” said Love.

Love says if you are going to use the A/C  turn the air up a few degrees. For each degree you increase the temperature, you can reduce electricity use by 3 percent.  Also use circulating fans to help move the air to make it feel cooler inside. And close the blinds too much sun coming through the windows can make the room temperatures feel much hotter.

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