The Walls Come Tumbling Down
The Walls Come Tumbling Down

Finally, the Sankey towers are down after more than 8 hours for the implosion of the high-rises on the city’s near west side.  Explosives were set off simultaneously in both buildings Tuesday morning and engineers expected both to collapse seconds later.  The north tower took about ten minutes to implode; the south tower didn’t collapse until just before 7pm Tuesday night inconviencing dozens of area residents who had to leave their homes.

As to who is to pay for the overtime of police, fire fighters, and public works employees? — mayoral assistant Willis Logan says that is up to the Springfield Housing Authority.

“That is up to the SHA. They let the contract so it is up to them to answer” according to Willkis.

The low-income housing complex will be replaced with low-rise buildings with ground-breaking scheduled for next spring.  The demolition cost the SHA 1.7 million dollars.