Suspicious Powder at Downtown State Office: Baby Powder
Suspicious Powder at Downtown State Office: Baby Powder

UPDATE 1:05 p.m.: Springfield Fire Chief Ken Fustin says the substance found in the letter is baby powder. Streets are reopening and business is returning to normal.

Several agencies responded to a downtown state office building after a suspicious powder was found in its mail room.

120313hazmat3TheĀ Governor’s Office for Citizens’ Assistance, located in the Department of Human Services Building at 222 S. College, received a letter with a white powder early Tuesday. Employees said the language in the letter raised the level to a credible threat, according to Springfield Fire Chief Ken Fustin, who wouldn’t tell reporters what the letter said.

Between 30 and 50 employees were locked down. Authorities shut down the heating and cooling systems. The Springfield Fire Department’s HAZMAT team entered the building around 12:30 p.m.; the FBI and SFD are the lead agencies in the investigation.

Authorities think the letter arrived around 10:30 Tuesday morning, but could have been delivered Monday night. The FBI says it’s still a criminal investigation.