Superintendent Search Reaching Final Stages

The superintendent search for District 186 is reaching the final stages.

There will be an upcoming forum open to the public to ask the candidates questions. School Board Member Scott McFarland says he is ready for it.

“For me, it’s been over two years, from the first discussion to here we are now. So I am looking forward to having somebody who will be with the district and hopefully we can find the best person possible.”

McFarland added that community help will be important. He wants residents of Springfield to come out and ask questions and give their opinions. “If there’s ten people there,” says McFarland said at Monday night’s school board meeting, “I won’t be happy.”

Officials with Springfield School District 186 are the upcoming event where members of the public can meet the candidates to become the next superintendent. On December 11, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. at Grant Middle School, the finalists for the job will be available for a Q&A session as well as a forum for community members to give their opinion on what they want in a district leader.

McFarland said the names of those finalists will be given to the media the weekend prior to that event.

Another topic of the regularly scheduled board meeting was high school teachers and their schedules.

Currently, teachers operate on a schedule where five of the seven periods they are teaching classes. There is also one planning period and a collaborative period. Superintendent Bob Leming is proposing that the board cut the collaborative period and move to a schedule where teachers are teaching classes six out of seven periods.

“This decision would preclude the district from defaulting to a six period day, where the teachers would be teaching five out of class six periods.”

Leming says the measure has overwhelming support, citing a super majority of 66% of teachers in favor of the move.

The move would put an end to the collaborative period. Teachers would keep a planning period. The board will likely vote on the measure at a December 16, 2013 meeting.