State Retiree Health Care Changes Get Mixed Reaction
State Retiree Health Care Changes Get Mixed Reaction

Retired state employees will soon be getting letters in the mail outlining changes to their health care plans under new insurance providers.

The changes include a move to new insurance providers and streamlined benefits, like the same co-pay for visiting in-network or out of network doctors.

United Healthcare will provide the PPO coverage while Aetna and Humana will handle the HMO coverage – bumping longtime health insurance provider Health Alliance from its perch.

Lawmakers on a legislative commission receiving an update on the rollout Wednesday were generally pleased with the rates for the Medicare Advantage plan but they’re concerned doctors and hospitals will force people to pay the full bill up front or they may not accept the insurance.

Lawmakers, including State Senator Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet), also questioned the move away from Health Alliance after a published report showed their bid was far lower than the other insurance providers. “You have a process that, from the beginning, looks like it was set up to exclude one company,” said Rose. Health Alliance did not meet the minimum criteria set by the state so they were excluded from the bidding process early.