Springfield Proposes $2 Million More on Infrastructure Repairs
Springfield Proposes $2 Million More on Infrastructure Repairs

The city of Springfield wants to spend an extra $2 million in dedicated money to fix alley-ways and drainage problems, but Ward 7 Alderman Joe McMenamin says it’s inappropriate.

“We’ll have to raise taxes or reduce services to finance our police and fire pension funds,” said McMenamin. “It’s best to take action now while we can.”

McMenamin wants to spend $1 million on infrastructure and $1 million on underfunded police and fire pension liabilities. Springfield Budget Director Bill McCarty says that’s not possible, at least not as proposed.

“Fund 95 is for infrastructure, that’s its purpose,” said McCarty.

McCarty says it’s conceivable for McMenamin to propose spending an extra $1 million out of the city’s general revenue (corporate) fund, but dedicated infrastructure repair money raised through sales tax increases has nothing to do with fire and police pension funds.

Still, McMenamin says he’ll try to amend the ordinance next week to include his ideas.