Springfield Police Chief, Corp Counsel Out
Springfield Police Chief, Corp Counsel Out

In a surprise move Springfield Mayor Mike Houston announced Friday that Police Chief Robert Williams and Corporation Counsel Mark Cullen will leave their posts.

Williams is eligible for retirement in October, but will likely use accrued time off before his retirement date. The mayor said he’ll still come back to work to “tie up loose ends.”

Corporation Counsel Mark Cullen, on the other hand, tendered his resignation. The assistant attorney Geannette Wittendorf will retain her job. Cullen is currently on vacation out of the county. Houston said that a timetable will be decided on when Cullen returns.

These moves come after several weeks of information indicating the City tried to cover up the 2008 arrest of Deputy Chief Cliff Buscher, though the mayor wouldn’t say if that information directly led to these announcements. Buscher has indicated he will not seek the interim or future police chief position.