Springfield on Hook for $1.7 Million Environmental Cleanup
Springfield on Hook for $1.7 Million Environmental Cleanup

Coal tar that exceeds regulatory levels is seeping into city right-of-ways from the site of an old factory, and the Environmental Protection Agency is putting the city of Springfield on the hook.

CWLP will likely spend about $1.7 million on the cleanup, aldermen this week authorized an extra 318-thousand dollars to be spent to get up to EPA estimates. Chief Utilities Engineer Eric Hobbie highlights the word “estimate.”

“This is an estimate, and an estimate only from the US EPA,” says Hobbie. “We’re just coming in to ask permission, because is what we’re going to get billed and have to be payable in the future. There will likely be revisions to this.”

The site is that of the old Springfield Iron Company on north Factory Street, which was operational from 1872 to 1905.