Springfield NAACP Seeks Increased Minority Hiring in District 186

District 186 residents and community groups aren’t impressed with what they say is lack of progress in minority hiring and recruitment.

The district’s interim human resources director says the percentage of minority teachers in the district has declined each of the last two years, even though there’s been progress over the past decade. Teresa Haley, head of the Springfield NAACP, says that’s not good enough.

“If the NAACP does not see a change, and change needs to happen soon, we will be taking you back to court,” said Haley.

A 1976 consent decree set goals to have certified staff mirror the minority make up of the community, which in Springfield is currently 18.4 percent.

A little more than 9 percent of the district’s teachers are African American, an 18 percent of the overall staff is African American.