Springfield Metro Unemployment Dips Slightly, Decatur Soars
Springfield Metro Unemployment Dips Slightly, Decatur Soars

Springfield’s metro area was among the majority of those in the state seeing improved unemployment numbers between now and this time last year.

Springfield’s rate dipped to 7.5 percent this past June, compared to 7.8 percent in 2012. The metro area added government jobs during that time, but Illinois Department of Employment Security spokesman Greg Rivara says that’s an anomole.

“A lot of those government jobs are most likely part time government jobs, jobs that are helping out with local park district or other local government entities,” says Rivara. “[You] really shouldn’t read any trends into one month of data, especially government jobs in the summer.”

The Decatur metro area, plagued with the loss of manufacturing jobs, took a larger hit with a 12.5 percent unemployment rate this June, compared with 10.9 percent last year.

“There’s still some positive news for the manufacturing industry on a global scale as well as a national scale,” says Rivara. “What we really need to look for is consumer confidence and resiliency in consumer confidence.”