Springfield Jobs Summit for Minorities, Women
Springfield Jobs Summit for Minorities, Women

Construction jobs are coming to the area, eventually.

With the Springfield Rail Relocation Project, the Illinois High Speed Rail Project and the I-55 highway construction project, construction work is expected in Springfield. The Faith Coalition for the Common Good is making sure that at least 100 qualified individuals, mainly minorities and women, get a crack at that work. Fred Davis said that the summit on Saturday was more about information, rather than hosting a “fob fair.”

“Whether it be resumes, interview skills, some of the different things unions require you have, different aptitude standards, GED, diploma.”

Once the list of 100 or so individuals is compiled, the Faith Coalition for the Common Good plans on keeping in contact with them. Davis said the coalition will continue to make sure those future workers have everything they need in terms of paperwork, qualifications and required materials.

“It’s not necessarily a job fair, where there will be employers present for them to come and fill out applications but what we will be offering is information on possible apprenticeship programs and then worker’s rights…things they need to be aware of.”

Davis said 250 people were preregistered and around 150 additional future workers were expected.