Springfield Homebuilders Against Potential Regulations
Springfield Homebuilders Against Potential Regulations

The Springfield Area Home Builders Association is strongly against proposed regulations it says will decimate the state’s construction industry.

They include installing sprinklers in new single family and duplex homes, in homes where more than 50 percent is renovated, in high rises built before 1975, in places with assembly seating, and in places with liquor licenses. Ward 1 Alderman Frank Edwards says that list includes a lot of city buildings.

“We’re trying to spend money on roads and infrastructure, well that money’s going to go to do this other stuff,” says Edwards. “People are going to say, ‘well you promised we were going to do our roads.’ Ain’t gonna happen. Because we’re going to be spending money on another mandate put forth to us by a bunch of guys over [at the capitol] that like to spend our money.”

Aldermen seemed open to passing resolutions opposing the new regulations, which could go into effect following an August meeting of the state’s Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR). They also seemed open to crafting individual letters to JCAR members.