Springfield Catholic Diocese Pastor Accused of Abuse
Springfield Catholic Diocese Pastor Accused of Abuse

A pastor in the Springfield Catholic Diocese is being accused of abuse, and has temporarily withdrawn from public ministry.

The alleged abuse by Father Robert “Bud” DeGrand, which isn’t being detailed, occured in 1980 when he was assigned to Our Saviour Parish in Jacksonville.

“The review board found the allegations had some semblance of credibility,” said Springfield Catholic Diocese spokeswoman Kathie Sass. “They recommended that this allegation be investigated.”

Sass said there could be a statute of limitations on abuse in a criminal sense, but she says the Diocese has a moral obligation to investigate these cases internally. The Morgan County State’s Attorney is investigating as is the Department of Children and Family Services.

DeGrand served as pastor of parishes in Sigel, Neoga, Green Creek and Lillyville.

“The parishes will have another administrator during his absence while the investigation is ongoing,” said Sass.