Springfield BOE Still Grappling with Residency Question
Springfield BOE Still Grappling with Residency Question

The Springfield School Board is still trying to figure out how to ensure its administrators live within district boundaries.

Mike Zimmers of Subdistrict 4 says the policy will likely require all existing administrators to move into the district within a year, and new hires will also have one year to move in.

“Will it make a principal a better principal, no, will it make them care more about their students, no, that’s not really the issue,” says Zimmers. “The issue is, a lot of us, and even the community feel like it’s important that whoever is administrating the district is part of the community.”

Administrators could face demotion if they break the rules after the revised policy goes into effect, which could be voted on in September. The plan is still being drafted.

Board president Chuck Flamini agrees that revised, and enforced, rules are necessary.

“I wouldn’t call them deals, but what I would say is there were arrangements made, some people stayed and some people┬ádidn’t have to,” says Flamini. “I’m not going to put one case up against another, but I know it has not been consistently applied.”

Board members will use the regularly scheduled Policy Committee meeting on August 12th to discuss the plan further.