Springfield BOE Considers County-Wide Sales Tax Increase
Springfield BOE Considers County-Wide Sales Tax Increase

The conversation has started — the Springfield Board of Education is considering a one percent, county-wide sales tax hike to benefit mainly Springfield public schools.

Subdistrict 2’s Adam Lopez brought forth the idea, saying his initial conversations with other superintendents were positive.

“I’ve reached out to four superintendents that would support us 100 percent,” says Lopez. “I think we’re going to put some numbers together, and I hope we can look at this as possibly an item we can do and, maybe, lead the charge on this.”

The school board estimated in 2010 that a one percent county wide sales tax increase could raise about $10 million a year. As is commonly the case with sales tax increases, board members contend it puts the burden on more than just Springfield residents.

Such a sales tax increase would require the money be put toward specific projects, in this case it would likely be maintenance, construction and other facility needs.

The board is expected to discuss the idea at its next meeting in two weeks, but likely won’t take action.