Smart Phones Useable as Proof of Auto Insurance
Smart Phones Useable as Proof of Auto Insurance

Illinoisans can now use their phones to show proof of car insurance.

It’s a new law, needed because the old law required a paper copy if the cops pulled you over.

Alex Hageli, director of personal lines policy for the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, says customers want this because they sometimes forget to put their new insurance cards in their cars.

He says insurance companies will start making this available in Illinois. “I’ve seen a couple of insurance companies’ apps where it’s just another slide that you select as you go through the menu. I know there’s another one of our members who plans on sending an e-mail with a PDF version of the card, so that you’re able to access it when you don’t have a signal, which could be important in some parts of the state,” he said.

Illinois is the 28th state to allow electronic proof of insurance.

The law also says the police can’t access any other information from the phone you hand them other than the insurance card.