School Exec Connect to Find Distirct 186 Super for $21k

It will cost Springfield School District 186 at least $21,000 to find the next superintendent.

The base cost for School Exec Connect is $17,500 and travel expenses for the search firm not to exceed $3,500. School Exec Connect will be addressing the District 186 Superintendent search. The school board, in an informal poll, appears to be leaning towards a full search over one that’s expedited. That means the selected superintendent from a pool of candidates would assume duties on July 1st of next year.

School Exec Connect’s Dr. Edward Olds III suggests a full search over one that is expedited. He says it completely changes the pool the district would get if the timetable is too soon. The board voted 6-1, informally, to go with the full search. Board member Scott McFarland was the only one opposed. The full search timetable does pin July 1, 2014 as the starting date for the selected candidate, which creates another issue.

Olds said, “You really do have to go with interims between now and the July 1 date if you want someone on the job all the time.”

Olds added that it is possible to find a candidate that can start before next summer. However, he did say it was unlikely. Because of the constraints of current Interim Superintendent Bob Leming’s agreement, another interim superintendent is likely to be needed sometime between November and December of this year.

Another issue pointed out following the meeting was additional costs. The $21,000 does not include advertising costs, which officials from School Exec Connect said can be very expensive.

Also, it is highly likely that the district will foot the bill for candidate travel expenses. Olds said that one search the firm did had four East Coast candidates for a Midwest school. Those expenses racked up quickly.