Schock Returns from South Africa
Schock Returns from South Africa

U. S. Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Peoria) says when you look at the men who have represented Central Illinois in Washington, you might see a connection to Nelson Mandela.
“Coming from Abraham Lincoln’s House district, I think it was appropriate,” Schock said to be chosen to lead the 24-member congressional delegation to Mandela’s memorial this week in South Africa, “given President Lincoln’s leadership role in the freeing of black Americans, the passage of the 13th Amendment.” Schock also pointed to former Congressman Everett Dirksen’s role in passing civil rights legislation.
Schock had never been to South Africa before this week but says he has been involved in women’s rights legislation and the banning of child marriage.
And, he says, he met Mandela once at a birthday party for the former president about six years ago. “I have a Mandela Birthday Party T-shirt that they gave out at the event,” Schock said.
He said it’s customary for the majority party to appoint a leader of such a delegation, which inculded Democratic Reps. John Lewis of Georgia and Charles Rangel of New York.