Saturday Mail from Springfield to Champaign Just The Beginning?
Saturday Mail from Springfield to Champaign Just The Beginning?

Springfield is moving Saturday postal processing services to Champaign and registry mail to St. Louis.

One employee said that the move is just the beginning of consolidation in Springfield. Jim O’Connell is President of the American Postal Workers Union Local 239. He said that the “higher-ups” are making this decision, as well as decisions that have caused changes in the past.

“They will just implement these changes…see if they work…if they don’t, and usually they don’t, then they backtrack,” said O’Connell.

O’Connell added that customers and businesses suffer because a lot of money is spent for nothing in return. The Springfield Post Office, along with many others offices across the nation, was spared in 2011. O’Connell claims there were still several changes that came with keeping the doors open, including more hours employees retained on staff, increased overtime and a postal support employee, who earns just half of the wage of a regular employee.

O’Connell believes that the Springfield office could just wait a day and process the mail on Sundays. Springfield Saturday mail processing moves to Champaign and St. Louis this Saturday.