Sankey Demolition Hits Snag

Firefighters hit the remaining Sankey Hi-Rise tower with water cannons to try to get it to fall.

Sankey Demolition Hits Snag

The planned implosion of Springfield’s Sankey Hi-Rises did not go as planned this morning.

The explosions were lit nearly on schedule, but it took 15 minutes for the first tower to fall. It partially fell, then caught fire. The south tower is still standing and sustained damage due to the blasts, but it’s unclear when it will fall.

Springfield Housing Authority officials have planned a series of news conferences to address the problems, though they’re not yet saying what went wrong.

Residents cannot return to the area until the demolition is complete, and the streets surrounding the complex will remain closed. SMTD and possibly Springfield School District 186 will have to reroute buses.