Sangamon County has Large Gap in Animal Control Expenses
Sangamon County has Large Gap in Animal Control Expenses

Sangamon County has been taking a financial hit when it comes to Animal Control, according to a new report.

Maximus has been looking into costs and expenses of services to villages in the area. According to the documents obtained by NewsRadio 1240 and 107.5 fm WTAX, in 2012 there was a $412,549 gap. The problem stems from the negotiated contracts the county has with villages and cities in the area. The county has contracts that have certain fees municipalities must pay for services. If the service ends up costing more, like an extended stay for an animal, euthanasia, ect., then the county picks up the tab.

The village of Auburn paid $1,603.22 for Animal Control boarding in 2012. According to the report, the total cost was $19, 483.52. That’s a $17,880.30 shortfall. But the problem there is that the village only sent 23 animals to the county. At $847 an animal, it’s no bargain for Auburn. One official within the village said there was no way to budget for that amount. The city attorney will be looking into the contract status.

One of the ideas in the report would phase-in the costs over the next four years and move them down to municipalities. Villages and cities would begin to pay the entire cost in four years. Springfield paid $290,546.00 in 2012. After the four year phase-in-plan, the city would pay the full cost of $564,844.71.

It is not yet known what the county plans to do.

According to the Maximus website, the company tries to find ways to “provide critical health and human service programs to a diverse array of communities.”