Rushville Doc Closes Doors After 58 Years
Rushville Doc Closes Doors After 58 Years

A small town doctor is shutting his doors after nearly 60 years of treating patients.

In the town of Rushville there has always been a doctor who would see patients for a very reasonable price. Dr. Russell Dohner took patients for just $5.00 per visit. Mayor Curt Lunt says the 88-year-old shut his doors on Friday.

“Dr. Dohner has been here in town since October of ’55 and has delivered many, many people into this world, not just in Rushville but here in this area, and obviously taking care of thousands of people.”

Dohner initially charged $3.00 for a visit but then had to raise the price to a still economically fair $5.00. Lunt says people waited in line for quite awhile to see Dohner.

“Back when he was really busy and really seeing a lot of people, probably 150 to 200 at least a day (would receive care).”

But at the age of 88, Dohner finally closed the clinic. Although, Mayor Lunt, who was delivered by Dohner, believes the doctor still might see patients in his spare time.

“He’s just that kind of person.”